For Teachers & Librarians

Dear Teachers and Librarians:

I am very grateful for your support and interest. I've had the chance to continue writing fiction because of your championing my first novel, Under a War-Torn Sky. So many of you include it as core or complementary reading in your WWII curriculum or in Battle of the Books competitions. Thanks as well to those who have done the same with my other novels and picture books.

I've tried to make this website helpful to students who want to explore more about the time periods covered in my historical novels or learn about the research and writing process. Each book page has links to comprehensive history webpages, music of the time period, a quick explanation of my research and the historical facts contained in my narratives, recommended reading, and sample chapters. Take a look! I make a big pitch for the FUN of researching and using primary documents.

In this part of the site are things I hope prove helpful to you: educators' guides, Common Core units of study, sample lessons, and articles about teaching historical fiction. If you are interested in having me talk with your students, please go to Appearances.

When I visit schools, I am always amazed by your dedication, creativity, and energy. Thank you for nurturing the next generation of readers and writers.

TeachingBooks has kindly amassed a number of educational resources for all my works here:

Clip fromThe Write Stuff at the National Archives:

I talk about Hamilton and Peggy at the following timestamps: 30:39 - 36.06 ; 42:56- 46.50; 47:58 - 51:36 ; 1:41:27 - 1:42.46 

For my thoughts on the craft of writing in general: 1:11:54 - 1: 13:34 ; 1:18:12 - 1:19:05; 1:22 - 1:24:39 

And for Suspect Red : 1:30:13 - 1:33: 01; 1:34:11 - 1:35:37