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Truth, Lies, and the Questions in Between

Truth-Lies-and-the-questions-in-between.jpgAs a presidency unravels and the fight for women's rights intensifies, a teen girl's future will be determined by her willingness to seek the truth.

Patty Appleton is making history. As one of the Senate's first female Congressional Pages, she's not only paving the way for other politically minded girls, she has a front-row seat to debates dividing the nation, especially around women's rights and roles. The battle between the old ways and the new polarizes the women in Patty's life, and she finds herself torn between traditional expectations--to be anobedient daughter aspiring to become a perfect wife--and questions new friends like fiercely feminist Simone encourage her to ask. 

But the questions don't stop at women's rights: The Watergate scandal is intensifying. As evidence mounts that the White House engaged in crimes, smears, and cover-ups to manipulate an election, Patty worries her dad, a fundraiser for President Nixon, could somehow be involved. Determining truth from lies becomes ever more essential for the nation's future--and for Patty's as well. 

Illustrated throughout with remarkable real-life images and headlines, this timely exploration of 1973--the year of Watergate hearings, the Equal Rights Amendment, and Roe v. Wade--unfolds through the story of a young woman driven to question everything as she learns to think for, and rely on, herself.



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Truth, Lies, and the Questions in Between

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