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New: Across a War-Torn Sea, the sequel to A Troubled Peace

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Welcome to L.M. If you’re looking for L. M. Elliott or Laura Malone Elliott, you’ve found the right place. I have two by-lines—my full name for picture books and L. M. for novels. I started using L. M. with my first novel, Under a War-torn Sky, a WWII story of a downed B-24 bomber pilot saved by the French Resistance. My publisher and I decided the shorter name sounded more like a war correspondent, in keeping with the aura of the narrative as well as the tradition of female authors using their initials when writing for a teenager boy audience such as S. E. Hinton (The Outsiders) or J. K. Rowling (Harry Potter). The name has stuck.

Thanks to Chris Hample for designing such an imaginative site—a perfect example of the creative collaboration set in motion by books. Readers, illustrators, teachers, and librarians take my words, interpret them, and add their own thoughts, making a book a kind of wondrous living thing. For instance: Readers kept asking for a sequel to Under a War-torn Sky—what happens next to Henry, Pierre, Claudette? They continually asked. So, thanks to them, I “went back” to France to find out in A Troubled Peace. I finish my WWII series now with Across a War-tossed Sea, a homefront companion novel about two British boy evacuees who escape Hitler’s Blitz to stay with the family of Henry Forester’s girlfriend, Patsy.

Continuing to follow that marvelous, back-and-forth collaborative inspiration, Chris and I are in the process of revamping and updating this website with more links to fascinating primary sources—music, photos, films, letters of the time—plus new guides and lessons plans for educators that are tailored to the new national standard core curriculum. Check back in May 2014!

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